Monday, October 10, 2011

Assignment 1 - Contrasts

So I have finally finished Assignment 1.  I hope that this will be the catalyst to enable me to get going on this course!!!

A lot has happened over the last two years that has got in the way of my getting on with things - moving from Jakarta to Toronto, buying a house, starting a new career and in the last two months having two consecutive hard drive failures with my iMac!!

As for the assignment, I found this surprisingly difficult as I was forever second guessing myself and the assignment.  This is a hindrance that I need to address as it makes things very difficult to progress at a decent pace if you are always deciding that pictures aren't good enough.

The assignment required finding pairs of contrasts in the things around us.  I decided to limit myself to finding contrasts in the things inside my house and garden.  Trying to fit the brief was at times challenging, but some of the objects that I chose I see every day and didn't make the connections at all until one day when I suddenly noticed the diagonal pieces of wood on the gate for example.

The final photo was to contain two contrasts in one picture.  This was actually the easiest picture to take as "Panda" is black and white and made it an easy choice.

After giving myself unnecessary stress with choosing the pictures for this assignment I find myself eager to see what my tutor thinks.

 Black and white

 Curved and Straight

Diagonal and Rounded

Few and many

 Intermittent and Continuous

Moving and Still

Smooth and Rough

Large and Small

 Black and White in one photo.

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